Teflon Platinum
3-layer DuPont Teflon Platinum coatings have the longest coating life. It is the most scratch and abrasion resistant non-stick available. The best you can buy. It is the first Teflon® coating that is able to withstand rough usage of metal utensils and even abrasive scouring pads.Using a 3 layer coating system and with minimum thickness of 40 microns , the metal utensils slide over non stick particles without damaging the Teflon® matrix in which they are set, thus preserving its non-stick properties.
Metal spoon compatible
The best metal spoon compatible cookware available.Now you have the freedom to choose from the metal and wooden spoons to suit your cooking style.
Toughenend glass lid
The first company in India to use glass lids. The glass used for lids is a heat tempered toughened glass. This strong material is heat resistant. The main advantage of a glass lid on a pan is that it is possible to see the contents cooking without removing the lid helping to preserve the heat and enabling faster cooking.
Durable and heat resistant outer coating
The outer coating is sourcedfrom the best International paint company from Germany, to ensure that yourcookware gets superior exteriorprotection. Our paints are silicon based to provide the royal touch, look andfeel.
Non-stick and scratch resistant
Non-stick surfaces are engineered to reducethe ability of other materials to stick to it. This reduces the need for oiland ghee in cooking. Less oil means less fat and a great way for healthyliving.
Saves gas and oil
Non-stick cookware helps you to reduce gas and oil consumption by up to 30%, as you can cook food on low flame.
Cook and serve
These products can be usedboth for cooking as well as for serving.Food comes piping hot and what’s moreless utensils to wash later!
Wooden spatula compatible
Wooden spoon prevents the cookware from developing scratches and enhances the life of your cookware thus preserving the non-stick properties for years to come.
Taper Fry Pan
3mm Thickness
Note: Lid not available with this product
Mark I 200 mm INR 770
Mark II 225 mm INR 855
Mark III 255 mm INR 980
Mark IV 280 mm INR 1125