Cherry Plus
Teflon Classic
2-layer DuPont Teflon Classic coatings have a longer coating life and is second to none to scratch when it comes to abrasion resistant non-stick cookware. The best you can buy. Using a 2 layer coating system it contains microscopic particles of an extremely hard mineral to provide the finest of non-stick properties.
A must for any cookware to be used on an induction cooktop. The induction technology saves substantial time and money .These products can be used on gas as well as electric.
Wooden spatual compatible
Wooden spoon prevents the cookware from developing scratches and enhances the life of your cookware thus preserving the non-stick properties for years to come.
Durable and heat resistant outer coating
The outer coating is sourcedfrom the best International paint company from Germany, to ensure that yourcookware gets superior exteriorprotection. Our paints are silicon based to provide the royal touch, look andfeel.
Non-stick and scratch resistant

A non-stick surface is asurface engineered to reduce the ability of other materials to stick to it.This reduces the need for oil and ghee in cooking. Less oil means less fat anda great way for healthy living.

Cook and serve
These products can be usedboth for cooking as well as for serving.Food comes piping hot and what’s moreless utensils to wash later!
Stainless steel lid
Stainless steel does not readily corrode, rust or stain with water hence lasts longer
Saves gas and oil
Non-stick cookware helps you to reduce gas and oil consumption by up to 30%, as you can cook food on low flame.
Deep Kadhai
2.6mm Thickness
Mark IV INR 1315
Mark V INR 1430
Mark VI INR 1599