Twice the hardness of stainless steel
Hard Anodizing is the process that makes the surface of the Aluminum get hardened. Thus, you will get long lasting, scratchproof aluminium that’s twice the hardness of steel
Light weight
Hard Anodizing hardens the surface of the Aluminum. By doing this, the advantages of Aluminum such as light weight and fuel efficiency are retained and at the same time the disadvantage of Aluminum being a soft metal is overcome.
The surface of the Hard Anodized utensils is not non-stick. It requires some amount of oil for cooking
Toughenend glass lid
The first company in India to use glass lids. The glass used for lids is a heat tempered toughened glass. This strong material is heat resistant. The main advantage of a glass lid on a pan is that it is possible to see the contents cooking without removing the lid helping to preserve the heat and enabling faster cooking.
Extended long life
The hardness of the surface will not chip or peel and can withstand high heat levels without damaging the product.The hard anodized surface is non reactive to acidic food.
Fry Pan
3 mm Thickness
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